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Health and Wellness

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Housing for Every Generation


A Friendly, Supportive Environment

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It's Finally All Coming Together


Norterre is the first community of its kind — a place not built with brick and glass, but with heart, vision and imagination. Here young families, active adults, and seniors can live, heal, and play together in one neighborhood. Norterre is about bringing people together rather than isolating them by age, ability, or state of health. With a spirit of unity, Norterre serves as the inspiration to discover the best you can be. At Norterre, a grandmother can play with her grandson while Mom finds her Chi in yoga class. An aspiring athlete can discover his inner motivation by helping a Dad recovering from knee surgery, next to a professional runner in training.

Built on 17 acres adjacent to Liberty Hospital, our master-planned, multi-generational community serves Northland residents through all stages of life, including young families, active adults and seniors. Norterre will offer 60 assisted living residences, 40 memory support residential suites, 40 short-term rehabilitation and 20 long-term skilled nursing recovery suites. The future will bring independent living residences for all ages with full amenities found in most neighborhoods like dining options, specialty retail and health and wellness services open to everyone in the Northland to enjoy.

At the center of Norterre is a beautiful green space that connects all residences and short term recovery suites to the 50,000 square-foot Healthy Living Center, the cornerstone of the community. Surrounded by hand-selected original art and host to live music performances, Norterre offers everyone a pathway to healthy choices and options for a better state of mind, state of being, and way of life. Norterre is a place where you can be become your personal best.

Norterre offers a solution to those looking for a healthier lifestyle, no matter what age or stage of life. It’s not just about getting better, it’s about feeling better. It’s about giving you the options that fit your lifestyle. Norterre is a community for families and people of all ages to find both unity and solitude in a comfortable, warm environment. Kids will play together and adults will share life together through activities and daily living. Norterre is a neighborhood for all aspects of healthy living created in a way that will make everyone rethink how we live, heal, play and age in America.



This short video demonstrates the origins and vision behind Norterre. Many refer to this concept as a game changer, as it will unite people of all ages in a way that has never been done before. After watching, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter so we can notify you of each exciting milestone along the way. Norterre was born from a group of lifestyle innovators and medical experts who care deeply about how people live. By working together, they have combined extensive experience in healthy living, multigenerational residences and healthcare and created something special. Norterre’s mission is to create a positive, long-lasting, and far-reaching impact on the entire community – Liberty, Clay County and the Northland. This is not just about healthcare or exercise or housing; it’s about giving our residents and members everything they need to be their absolute best – mentally, physically and spiritually.


“We have translated all we’ve learned to this truly unique concept,” said Steve. “Norterre will give different generations the opportunity to improve their health together and inspire one another.”

Steve is an international thought and action leader in the creation of innovative models in intergenerational living. He is a sought-after keynote speaker and workshop presenter on leadership and transformation in multigenerational living and hospital care. He was formerly the President and CEO of Meadowlark Hills Retirement Community in Manhattan, KS, an internationally known senior living provider that, under Steve’s leadership, pioneered and shaped the “Household Model” in the 1990s – bringing heart into the home.

Along with LaVrene Norton, Steve co-authored the book, “In Pursuit of the Sunbeam: a Practical Guide to Transformation from Institution to Household,” which is currently in its sixth printing and has sold in all 50 states and a number of foreign countries. He also co-authored “The Household Model Business Case,” a definitive work establishing viability of this model in long-term care.

Steve is an emeritus board member of the Fort Hays State University Foundation, a founder of the Pioneer Network of Rochester, NY, and has served on many local, state and national boards. He also taught leadership in long-term care for 17 years at Kansas State University.



At Norterre, our goal is to improve patient outcomes, reduce hospital admissions and readmissions, and be the health and wellness choice for rehabilitation for the entire Northland area. For more information on our Physician Referral programs, please contact us directly at info@norterre.org or call (816) 550-8544.