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Health and Wellness

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Housing for Every Generation


A Friendly, Supportive Environment

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It's Finally All Coming Together

And It’s All Coming to The Northland

Introducing Norterre – the first community of its kind, a place that will be built not with brick and glass, but with heart, vision and imagination. In this place, people of all ages will live, heal and play together. People will support each other. People will care.

This will be a place where residents and members will be surrounded by art, greenspaces and meandering trails, yet be only steps away from world-class healthcare, fitness facilities and healthy dining. This place will be a source of motivation and inspiration, a place where you can be your best – where you can feel at home.



This short video will give you an idea of the origins and vision behind the creation of Norterre.

We will be purchasing hundreds of pieces of art from regional and local artists. If you would like your work to be considered, please contact us.

Call for Art
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