Performance Park

Norterre is a unique sanctuary that lets you live life the way it was meant to be. The community park in the heart of Norterre features a stage for live music, dance, and fun for all ages. This naturally landscaped gathering space serves as an extension for the health and well-being of everyone. Sights, sounds, and flavors of the region will entice you to spend time outdoors soaking in the sun and fresh air. Norterre captures the essence of life and lets you make
it your own.


Norterre is proud to be part of Liberty and The Northland. Our Performance Park is a perfect setting for hosting live events, bringing the community together to celebrate health and wellness. We know that turning healthy habits into healthy living is a group effort. Our community park is open to the public so that everyone can share in its beauty and connect with each other. From the motivational gardens to the art and beauty, Norterre connects us all together into one healthy community.


As part of your Zone Fitness Plus membership, Norterre offers a myriad of indoor and outdoor classes every day of the week — from Pilates to yoga, from spin to Zoomba. We have strength and balance experts, we have cardio and aerobics experts. We make it fun and we make it worthwhile. The goal is to keep you on track and on point. That’s why we customize your fitness programs to suit your needs, your lifestyle, your goals. All of our classes are guilt-free and let you choose to work at your own pace. Norterre is all about you, because we are here to help you be greater than, be stronger than, be bolder than.

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