Kidz Action Zone

Opening later in February 2018

Peace of Mind with Onsite Child Care While You Focus on Your Workout

Kidz Action Zone – a term synonymous with healthy activity for your kids while you spend some healthy activity for yourself. It’s the name of our onsite child care at The Aurora Health & Wellness Center. Designed to ease your mind as a Mom or Dad and know that your kids are having fun while you are working out, attending a fitness class, or working on your physical therapy. What’s more important? Our child care specialists know that a happy kid makes for a better ride home. They specialize in fun — healthy exercise, creative art, outdoor fun in our Performance Park, and imaginative play. Your kids will be learning something new to take home with them – about art, about performance, about healthy choices.


Norterre is special place to learn about healthy lifestyles – starting young creates great habits. Your kids will learn about healthy eating habits, the importance of exercise, the benefits of fresh air and sunshine. They will tour our curated Art Collection and learn about colors and textures, even trying their own skills at special art projects. They will learn about healthy choices in our Demonstration Kitchen working with our Chef to create a magical recipe of their own. We will have live performances, outdoor plays, and dance on our live stage at Performance Park. The myriad of fun things to do and even more fun things to talk about is endless. The smile on their faces when they leave — priceless.


What makes Norterre different is the total atmosphere. Surrounded by art, nature, healthy nutrition, and fitness, kids can discover their inner actor, artist, or athlete. They can explore new horizons or just be a kid having fun. Norterre is a place where generations come together and learn from each other, It’s a special place of teaching compassion for others and accepting each other for the beautiful human beings they are. There is no better medicine than laughter, and the sounds of glee from a child are the perfect therapy for our residents and members at Norterre.

Be Bolder Than.

Norterre is a place where you find your emotional soul to a happier you.