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Norterre will be built on a 17-acre piece of land adjacent to Liberty Hospital, with large greenspaces for cross-generational and cultural activities. A 50,000-square-foot healthy living center will be the neighborhood’s “town square” where young adults, parents and grandparents from all over the Northland can come together to work out, take yoga classes, socialize, build strength, receive physical therapy, learn about wellness, and reach personal milestones in a supportive environment unlike any other. Individuals from near and far can become members to improve physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and doctors can also write prescriptions for patients to take part in physical therapy or specialized programs. Many refer to this concept as a game-changer, as it will unite people of all ages in a way that has never been done before. Our Place. From its very conception, this community has been greater than the sum of its parts – it’s the seamless integration of our offerings that will make it special. It’s also about the seamless integration of our multi-generational residents and members. In this community, people of all ages will live, heal and play. Where People Play. Our Healthy Living Center is a place where world-class athletes work out alongside recovering patients, where parents attend yoga, spin or nutrition classes while their children enjoy supervised play, and where everyone supports each other’s efforts every day. Where People Live. In our Assisted Living and Assisted Living Memory Support, each multi-unit household includes an open kitchen, dining room, living room and quiet spaces to relax. Shared areas with private residences are all tastefully furnished and adorned with regional art. With our true household model, residents maintain complete control over their days, their schedules and their lives. Where People Heal. Our Short-Term and Long-Term Care offers first-class accommodations designed to make rehab patients and their families as comfortable and welcome as possible. While staying with us, we want everyone to feel they are every bit a part of this community. Where People Breathe. As wonderful as our building and facilities will be, what’s in between them will be just as important to the overall experience. Not only will there be a green commons area – with wood benches, sculptures and room for kids to play in the grass – but the entire property will be interconnected with meandering trails and thoughtfully decorated with native landscaping.
NorterreMonday, September 25th, 2017 at 2:22pm
NorterreFriday, September 22nd, 2017 at 9:24am
From scarves and boots to football to pumpkin spiced lattes and leaves changing color, fall means something different to everyone. It's the first day of autumn! What does fall mean to you?
NorterreThursday, September 21st, 2017 at 12:00pm
Looking forward to meeting lots of new people at Liberty Fall Fest this weekend. Be sure to stop by booth #55 to learn more about Norterre and register for great prizes. #begreaterthan
NorterreWednesday, September 20th, 2017 at 3:55pm
You might be benefitting from your weekend hike or evening walk around the neighborhood a little more than you think.
NorterreWednesday, September 20th, 2017 at 9:58am
Respected Northland attorney, Ron Mullennix, was at Norterre this morning to discuss the importance and ins and outs of estate planning. BIG thank you to Ron for sharing such important information.

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