Healthy Bistro

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Begin Your Day at the Norterre Healthy Bistro and Come Back for Lunch or Take Home

The Healthy Bistro will be part of The Aurora Health & Wellness Center at Norterre (opening in early Fall this year). Part of every healthy lifestyle is taking the time to think before you eat. What’s good for you, what’ easy to make, what serves as a healthy substitute for something you crave. At the Healthy Bistro, you can choose to dine in or take out from a variety of menu items – breakfast, lunch, light dinner, and healthy snacks. You’ll want to stop by for a delectable protein muffin and specialty juice in the morning to start your day with sunshine. You’ll want to come back and enjoy a healthy lunch with friends and specialty tea. And before you go home, you’ll want to pick up some healthy “grab and go” items from our mini grocery store. It’s all about living in a healthier way and we make it easier for you with a variety of choices.

Mini grocery available for “grab and go” take home items

As with any busy lifestyle, we know you don’t always have time to sit down, relax, and enjoy a meal. Our mini grocery is a perfect solution. You can find healthy options that you can take home and make for yourself. Check back here to find out what we will offer and how you can make this part of your routine when you work out at The Aurora Health & Wellness Center.

Open daily for breakfast, lunch, light dinner, and snacks (7a-8p)

Check back with us often to view our daily specials and features.

Our menu will be available online.

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