Performance Park

Be greater than.

Norterre is as Much Fun Outdoors as it is Indoors

Norterre is a holistic oasis that provides a therapeutic and healthful approach for all the senses. It begins with the welcoming entrance down Norterre Circle, past Beinvenue Fountain (a fire and water spectacular sculpture of art). It opens on to Performance Park with a live stage for song, dance, and audience participation from all over the Northland.

Celebrate the senses with Norterre and enjoy a total surround of happiness, health, and wellness:

SMELL – lavender and eucalyptus aromatherapy from the gardens of Performance Park

TASTE – our Healthy Bistro serves delicious and nutritious meals for dining in or taking home

SIGHT – the curated art collection at Norterre provides a way to soak in the beauty and color your soul

SOUND – the music concerts on the live stage, the birds outside, the sound of laughter and happiness

TOUCH – our Salon and Spa experts know how to turn a therapeutic massage into a healthy bliss

All of which adds up to healing the mind, body, and soul – bringing all the senses together in one place for relaxation and meditation. Norterre offers the fuel you need to restore, renew, and rejuvenate. Norterre connects you to what really matters – family, lifelong friends, new friends. All in one interconnected neighborhood – a true health and wellness destination.

A full list of scheduled events at Performance Park will be provided on an ongoing basis. To stay in the know, sign up for our monthly newsletter and never miss a Norterre moment.

Be Bolder Than.

Norterre is a place where you find your emotional soul to a happier you.