Physician Referral Program

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Norterre Encourages and Welcomes Physician Referrals

Norterre is over 200,000 square feet of multigenerational health and wellness. We are no ordinary community – in fact, Norterre is the first of its kind. Norterre is an interconnected neighborhood, home to a 65,000 square foot Health & Wellness Center, 60 assisted living and memory support residential units, 40 short term rehabilitation and recovery suites, and 20 long-term skilled nursing suites.

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Norterre Navigation Team

For physicians, Norterre offers peace of mind, knowing that your patients will benefit from the personal care of our medically-trained and compassionate team members. Our skilled Navigation Team works to keep you informed on your patient’s wellbeing throughout their stay. We take your prescribed therapies and bring them to life in a state-of the art health and wellness facility of personalized medically-directed therapies.

Rehabilitation and Rapid Recovery

Our rehabilitation and recovery residential suites offer an open home environment with chef-prepared meals made to meet the nutritional needs for their rapid recovery. At Norterre, our goal is to improve patient outcomes, reduce hospital admissions and readmissions and be the health and wellness choice for rehabilitation for the entire Northland area. We respect the doctor-patient relationship and serve as the facilitation between your prescribed therapies and getting your patients back to health. With the short term stay recovery suites located on property and connected by a temperature controlled covered walkway, your patients will have easy access to the Healthy Living Center – and their therapy, providing for better outcomes for your patients.

Helping Patients Return to Their Normal LIves

While Norterre is adjacent to Liberty Hospital, we welcome all referrals in The Northland. Let us help you help your patients in their rehabilitation journey. Our goal is to reduce the number of readmissions and recurrences — a goal that will help ensure your patients are treated holistically to prepare them to get back to their lives as soon as possible.

For more specific information on the credentials of our Navigation Team, please call us directly so we can develop a program that is customized for your patients safety, security, and health restoration.

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Norterre is a place where you find your emotional soul to a happier you.