An important announcement about Norterre, now an official part of Liberty Hospital.
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Norterre Announcement Press Release FINAL

The Heart and Vision

Norterre is the first-of-its-kind multigenerational health, wellness and residential neighborhood in Liberty, Mo. The master-planned community serves The Northland residents at all stages of life, including young families, active adults and seniors. It chnges the way we live, play and heal together.

Norterre is located on 17 acres adjacent to Liberty Hospital, with a large Performance Park for cross-generational and cultural activities. Its 65,000-square-foot Aurora Health and Wellness Center provides three floors of health and wellness, strength and balance, cardio, swimming, yoga and meditation.

The Aurora is the integral center for Norterre. Young adults, parents and grandparents can come together for fitness, yoga and spin classes, personalized training, nutritional and cooking demonstrations for healthy choices, and medically prescribed rehabilitation and physical therapies. Any adult can join as a member, doctors can also prescribe therapy or wellness programs, and companies will team up with Norterre to create medically integrated wellness initiatives. Members learn about wellness, spiritual well-being and therapeutic remedies, as well as be able to reach personal milestones in a supportive environment. The peaceful surroundings of Norterre are home to multicultural community events, health and wellness activities and performing arts, open to all Northland residents.

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The Laurel Assisted Living and Memory Care Residences at Norterre are now open with 60 assisted living residences (20 dedicated to assisted living memory care), all based on The Household Model, a unique way of looking at senior residential design intended to rethink the traditional institutionalization of senior living. The Households live in a open home surrounding with a living room, sitting areas, full dining room, outdoor garden patio, even a grand piano for impromptu concerts. The model embraces independence and allows residents to stay in control of their own lives – getting up when they want, eating what they want, and doing what they want, when they want in a household of 20 on three separate floors.

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One of the hallmarks of Norterre is the focus on rehabilitation and recovery for the Northland. Surrounded by health and wellness, The Estoria Rehabilitation and Recovery Residences at Norterre offer 40 short-term stay residential suites for individuals of all ages going through rehabilitation and 20 long-term care residences with skilled nursing. The Healthcare Household Model is based on the same Household Model of assisted living in that it offers an open home environment with living room, private sitting areas, a full kitchen and dining room, as well as an outdoor patio for fresh air and sunshine. The goal is to increase the speed of recovery by surrounding the residents with compassionate and medically-trained professionals. A personal Navigation Team is assigned to each resident to help in the transition from surgery to recovery. The team develops a personalized program for the resident’s specific needs and then stays connected to the resident’s physician in reporting on care, progress, and adjustments to any prescribed therapies. The Estoria is conveniently attached to the 65,000 square-foot Aurora Health & Wellness Center with a climate-controlled passage that includes a Healthy Bistro, three indoor pools, and an indoor walking track.

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Norterre is now an official part of Liberty Hospital. Future plans include independent living and non-age-specific housing options, as well as additional healthy dining and retail shopping. For more information about Norterre, call 816-479-4793. Or, visit the Welcome Center on the lower floor of the Liberty Clinic: 2609 Glenn Hendren Drive, Suite G100, Liberty, MO 64068.


Norterre is a place where you find your emotional soul to a happier you.