Norterre is the first community of its kind born from a vision where young families, active adults, and seniors can live, heal, and play together all in one neighborhood. Norterre is about bringing people together and not isolating them by age or ability or state of health. At Norterre, a grandmother can play with her grandson while the Mom finds her Chi in a yoga class. An aspiring athlete can find his inner motivation by helping a Dad recovering from knee surgery, next to a professional athlete training for a marathon. Knowing that we are all in this together, Norterre serves as the inspiration to discover the best you can be.

Built on 17 acres adjacent to Liberty Hospital, Norterre offers a fun, peaceful, and active neighborhood meant for all ages to enjoy and participate in cross-generational and cultural activities that bring everyone together. Surrounded by hand-selected original art inside and outside, and live performances of music in the greenspace that connects all residences and short term recovery suites to the 65,000 square-foot Aurora Health & Wellness Center, Norterre offers everyone a pathway to healthy choices and options for a better state of mind, state of being, and way of life.

Norterre is a community for families and people of all ages to find both unity and solitude in a comfortable, warm environment. Kids will play together and adults will share life together through activities and daily living. Norterre is a neighborhood for all aspects of healthy living created in a way that will make everyone rethink how we live, heal, play and age in America. Norterre is home.

Norterre offers a solution to those looking for a healthier lifestyle, no matter what age or stage of life. It’s not just about getting better, it’s about feeling better. It’s about giving you the options that fit your lifestyle. The cornerstone of Norterre is the 65,000-square-foot Aurora Health & Wellness Center where people of all stages in life come together to work out, swim, take yoga, group cycle or Pilates classes, enjoy nutritional seminars, socialize, build strength, receive prescribed physical therapies, and learn about wellness to reach personal milestones. The difference is that we do all this together, we support each other, and we care about each other.

Norterre is also be home to 60 assisted living residences (with 20 dedicated to memory support), 20 skilled nursing/long term care residences, and 40 short term recovery suites for those individuals who are going through rehabilitation for multiple therapies.

Norterre offers a place of empowerment, where the bonds of encouragement are created by our passionate and compassionate health and wellness professionals. Norterre is a place where people help each other, motivate each other, and inspire each other. This is a place where you can be the best you.

Many refer to this concept as a game-changer, as we unite people of all ages in a way that has never been done before. Norterre includes the healthy living fitness center, a café, households for seniors and short-term stay rehabilitation suites. The 65,000-square-foot Aurora Health & Wellness Center is the neighborhood’s “town center”, where young adults, parents and grandparents from all over the Northland can come together to work out, swim, take yoga, group cycle and Pilates classes, socialize, build strength, receive physical therapy, learn about wellness, take classes about healthy eating in our demonstration kitchen, and reach personal milestones in a supportive environment unlike any other. Individuals from near and far can become members to improve physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and doctors can provide prescriptions for patients to take part in physical therapy or specialized programs. We work with your doctors to ensure their prescribed therapy plan is coordinated and monitored by our medical professionals at the Healthy Living Center.

Norterre offers a convergence of assisted living residences, memory care support, skilled nursing care, short term rehabilitation, a healthy living center, healthy dining options, and a child development care center, all adjacent to quality health care and connected by a green space which will serve as the “town square” for multigenerational events for all of Northland.

At Norterre, assisted living does not mean a loss of independence. This isn’t an institution; this is home. That’s why those who live at Norterre will continue to be in the driver’s seat of their own lives, as they always have been. Aromas of home –fresh-baked bread, flowers and dinner in the oven – will fill the air. People can come and go when they want, get up when they want, eat when they want and explore life each and every day. A wife can live with her husband who has Alzheimer’s, and be as involved with his daily care as she likes. More importantly, since she won’t have to worry about his safety, she’ll be able to focus on her own well-being, so both of them can continue living with meaning and purpose.

Using the Household Model, residences at Norterre are designed to provide comfort, safety, and security for those looking for assisted living and memory care. Assisted living at Norterre addresses the whole person, mind, body and soul. Seniors will have private apartments to enjoy their own personal space. The households will be decorated with art and tasteful furnishings. Each household will have its own décor theme, including farmhouse, French country and mid-century modern. Norterre is simply a change of address, with all the simple pleasures of your home and neighborhood amenities.

With easy access to the world-class Healthy Living Center, outdoor living spaces, spa and healthy dining options, those who live here will feel connected to one another, as well as to the young adults and families around them every day.

The housing at Norterre is based on the Household Model. The Household Model philosophy is to replace the institution with a beautiful residence, comfortable living and individual freedom. Each household can accommodate up to 20 people and includes an open kitchen, dining room, living room and quiet spaces to relax and visit. Each person or couple has a private residence within the household, or home within a home, and will have complete freedom to choose when to eat, when to sleep and how to spend their days.

Moving to Norterre is simply a change of address. People who live here stay firmly in control of their own lives. There is nowhere in the country quite like it. To learn more about the unique residential options at Norterre, please contact

Whether someone needs to recover from a stroke, joint replacement, heart attack or any other experience requiring rehab, they can stay at Norterre and receive high-quality medical care from a comprehensive, integrated team committed to helping them meet their goals. Clinical services include private physical therapy, a warm water therapy pool, cardiac rehab, stroke recovery and other specialized services and programs, yet the environment will feel unlike any other medical facility.

Our Short-Term Stay guests live in comfortable private suites located within households, and will share an open kitchen, dining room, living room and smaller areas for relaxing or visiting. Like everyone who stays at Norterre, our guests enjoy freshly-prepared meals on your own schedule, art throughout, outdoor spaces and more. And when you go to the Healthy Living Center for therapy, you are able to go through a special heated and cooled walkway protecting you from cold, rainy or hot weather.

Norterre helps to further integrate valuable healthcare services into the community while focusing on prevention, and assisting Northland residents currently managing chronic conditions. Norterre provides an ideal healthcare delivery model where the navigation teams will coordinate with the staff at the Norterre Healthy Living Center to create care plans that improve health overall in the Northland. At Norterre, our goal is to improve patient outcomes, reduce hospital admissions and readmissions and be the Short-Term Stay choice for the entire Northland area. We want you to get home faster, to feel better, stay well, and to enjoy your stay in comfort surrounded by a health-filled, nurturing environment that motivates and inspires you.

The 65,000-square-foot Aurora Health & Wellness Center is a total mind, body and spirit support center, and an integral component of the Norterre community. The extensive facilities include yoga and Pilates studios, cardiac and strength area, group cycle room, running and walking track, high impact studio, stretching area, warm water therapy and lap pools, spa which offers salon services, massage and other treatments, and a demonstration kitchen emphasizing healthy food preparation and nutrition. The KidzAction Zone child development care center is located next to the healthy Bistro, so parents can focus on their health and wellness programs with piece of mind that their children are safe and sound.

This is no ordinary fitness facility, but rather a health and wellness destination. Athletes can work out next to someone who is rehabilitating from a stroke or other debilitating injury or surgery, inspired by each other, motivated by each other’s determination. A Bariatrics patient can work out next to an athlete who is training for a marathon, helping each other push to their next level and celebrating together their personal milestone achievements. With state-of-the-art equipment from LifeFitness, Hammer Strength, SciFit, and Free Motion, the Healthy Living Center turns an ordinary workout into an extraordinary experience. Moms can enjoy their Yoga and group cycle classes while their kids are having fun in the KidzAction Zone, and after, stand side by side with seniors learning how to prepare nutritional meals in the Demonstration Kitchen. Students from William Jewell can swim laps while recovery patients enjoy their Warm Water Therapy sessions. Norterre has it all in one convenient place, where people come together to get stronger together and help each other live a more healthy life. Unique to Liberty and all of Northland, there is no other place like Norterre in Kansas City.

Anyone 18 and older can become a member of the Healthy Living Center. Companies in the Northland area can sign up for corporate memberships and create internal health initiatives for a healthier workforce. And doctors can prescribe participation in programs such as cardiac rehab, diabetes prevention and physical therapy. The Healthy Living Center also has dedicated navigation teams on-site to assist members. Together, we have created a one-of-kind holistic environment where you can build strength and improve your health at your pace surrounded by a support system that helps you reach your personal goals.

For membership options at The Aurora Health & Wellness Center, please contact
The Aurora is located at 2551 Norterre Circle in Liberty, MO.

The name literally translates to North (“Nor”) and Land (“Terre”) in French, a nod to the early French settlers and heritage of Liberty and the Northland area. The name also speaks to finding your “true north,” becoming your best self, and relates to the holistic, mind-body-spirit nature of our community. Surrounded by art and beauty, health and wellness, high quality medical care and state-of-the art fitness facilities, at Norterre you will more easily discover your personal best in mind, body, and soul. Together, we are stronger. Together, we are better. And that’s what Norterre is all about.

At Norterre, our goal is to improve patient outcomes, reduce hospital admissions and readmissions and be the health and wellness choice for rehabilitation for the entire Northland area. We respect the doctor-patient relationship and serve as the facilitation between your prescribed therapies and getting your patients back to health. With the short term stay recovery suites located on property and connected by a temperature controlled covered walkway, your patients will have easy access to the Healthy Living Center – and their therapy, providing for better outcomes for your patients. For more information on our Physicians Referral programs, please contact us directly at or call (816) 479-4793.

As a patient who is recovering from any short term or long term situation that requires rehabilitation or to participate in our programs, talk to your doctor about the options available at Norterre. We will work with your doctor to ensure their prescribed therapy plan is coordinated and monitored by our medical professionals at the Healthy Living Center. For more information, you or your physician can contact us at or call (816) 479-4793.

Companies in the Northland are welcome to sign up for group memberships for their employees. The medical professionals at Norterre can create internal health initiatives such as cardio workouts, diabetes prevention and wellness programs for employees as well as biometric screenings and personal health assessments. Understanding the reduction in absenteeism, workman’s compensation and insurance costs is a key motivation, and our team will work with you to create the best program for your company. Which in turn, creates a healthier workforce.

The Healthy Living Center is an integral component of Norterre. Any adult can join as a member and use the yoga and Pilates studio, cardiac and strength area, group cycle room, track, high impact studio, stretching area, demonstration kitchen that emphasizes healthy food preparation and nutrition, as well as warm water therapy and lap pools, spa, and children’s area where parents can drop their children off while they work out or have physical therapy. Conveniently located and second to none, Norterre offers a way to help improve the health of your employees while raising their morale.

For more information on a customized program for your employees, contact us at or call (816) 479-4793.


Norterre is a place where you find your emotional soul to a happier you.