Norterre has a philosophy about nutrition and dining. We don’t institutionalize the process into a cafeteria-type scenario of bland foods that are easy to make and easier to swallow. Our menus are a thoughtful, purposeful design that provide nutrition and balance, seasoned with a flair for goodness that turn our meals into deliciousness. Our chef-prepared dining is made to order – what you want, when you want. Our full service kitchens on every floor allow you to bake your own homemade recipes for all to enjoy. If you want to dine in your room, you can. If you want to join some friends in the dining room, you are welcome. If you want to invite your family over, we have a private dining room just for special occasions and visits. This is your home and we are here to make you feel more comfortable.


At the same time, we are health-minded and we offer nutritious ways to improve strength, stamina, and brain balance. That does not mean we only serve kale and sprouted grains. It means we take the time to plan the meals and ensure that our residents receive the right amount of nutrition with the perfect amount of flavor. Our nutritionists work with our chefs to find that balance to keep you healthy and happy—breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and all the snacks along the way).

Living At Norterre


We understand that part of recovery is based on nutrition for improving your strength and getting you back to your life faster. At The Estoria, our Navigation Team includes a nutritionist to provide guidance on the right meals to aid in your recovery and rehabilitation. We custom design our approach based on your needs – whether we need to focus on heart health or special diets for diabetes or even cancer care. This is no cookie-cutter approach, although we have a variety of delicious cookie recipes. We tailor your meals to suit your recovery process.

Rehab At Norterre


For those who want to dive deeper into learning more about nutritious ways to lead a healthy lifestyle, we offer nutrition classes in our Demonstration Kitchen to empower you to become more healthy in your dining options. We show you how to substitute unhealthy choices with more healthy ones and still deliver scrumptious meals. These are lessons you can take home and change the way you think about cooking meals for yourself and your family. Norterre is all about empowerment and independence – what better way than to teach you so you can treat yourself (and your body) to a more nutritious and delectable well being.

Nutrition Classes


Perfect for team building, socializing, or learning a new skill, our chefs and nutritionists are here to help you learn about nutrition and how it impacts your mind, body, and soul. We take the time to teach the benefits of certain foods and the dangers of other foods. We help you understand the complexities of metabolism as you get older, as your lifestyle changes, as your health evolves. We show you how to modify unhealthy habits and develop new ones. We offer prenatal and post natal nutritional advice. We even address the prevention of diabetes and the nutritional needs of those with diabetes. Learning how to address your individual nutritional needs is an important aspect of learning a new way to living a healthier life. At Norterre, this is our goal, this is our vision, and we are here to help you get there.

Health & Wellness


Norterre is a place where you find your emotional soul to a happier you.

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