Navigation Team coordinates all communications between you and your physician.

At Norterre, our rehabilitation and recovery philosophy embodies the pivotal points of connecting you with a personalized program, your physician, and your assigned Navigation Team. We surround you with medically-integrated wellness by offering personalized programs dealing with your specific situation in order to get you back to life faster. Our Navigation Team includes:

  • Transition Coordinator/Social Worker – easing your transition to Norterre
  • Nurse – personally assigned to you
  • MDS Coordinator/Case Manager for Managed Care – understanding your personal situation
  • Physical Therapist – designing a physical therapy program to meet your specific needs
  • Dietitian or Dietary Manager – ensuring you have the nutritional needs for your recovery
  • Recreation/Activities Manager – developing a program that enhances your recovery
  • Business Office Manager – taking the confusion away on cumbersome paperwork

The Navigation Team coordinates all communications between you and your physician and is designed to create a personal pathway to recovery. From start to finish, your recovery is destined to be one that increases your strength, enhances your life, and creates a stronger, healthier you.

Your journey begins at The Estoria — actually named for the feeling of accomplishment one gets from healing and recovery. Our Healthcare Household Model is an open home environment with a living room, sitting area, dining room, and open patio for fresh air and sunshine. Each 20-person household benefits from being around the compassionate and medically-trained team at The Estoria. Your physical therapy is easily accessible through a climate-controlled passage to The Aurora Health & Wellness Center. Chef-prepared meals are made to order with your choice of dining in your room or in the open dining room. Understanding the importance of feeling better as a part of healing, Norterre spa services are made available on each floor. This is no ordinary rehabilitation center, it’s your home away from home.

Rehab At Norterre