When did it become ok for us to isolate our older parents, grandparents, neighbors, and friends? In America, we rank the highest of all countries in healthcare costs and we rank the lowest in taking care of our seniors. These are not really awards we want to “own” for our country. That’s why Norterre came to life. Many refer to Norterre as a game-changer, as it does unite people of all ages in a way that has never been done before in this country. It isn’t just about bringing youngers and olders together in a multigenerational community. In fact, that’s a side benefit. The true attribute of Norterre, as a community, is that it connects the layers of health, wellness, and wellbeing for our olders together in one place. That’s why we label it an interconnected neighborhood.

How does it work? It starts with The Aurora Health & Wellness Center — 65,000 square feet of fitness and healthy living under one roof. Anyone age 18 or older can join throughout the Northland — that’s where the multigenerational definition of Norterre comes in to action. We offer more than 135 weekly classes in more than 30 formats. Not because we want to say we offer the most classes, but because we want to offer classes that make sense to the entire community at The Aurora — no matter the age, no matter the state of health, no matter the ability. Next, we wanted to make it a facility that does not only address strength and stamina, but also mind, body, soul. We believe in total sensory surround. When you walk in, your sense of smell picks up the flavor of our healthy Bistro (not the chlorine of an indoor pool). When you walk through the lobby, you are welcomed to the music of our grand piano (with the occasional impromptu live performance of one of our members). When you meander the hallways, you are moved by our 1,100 pieces of curated art (including Warhol, Bansky, Picasso, Remington — to name a few). The Aurora serves as the cornerstone of Norterre, welcoming all ages including a KidzAction Zone, where children ages 2 to 12 can play and learn while their parents are working out, visiting a family member, or attending a class.

The second aspect of Norterre is found around the corner and attached to The Aurora where we host rehabilitation and recovery, therapy services, our demonstration kitchen, and our Norterre Salon & Spa. Here, we have 60 residential apartments on three floors set up in individual Households. The Estoria Rehabilitation and Recovery Residences at Norterre promote the health and wellbeing for in- patient and out-patient care. Our Navigation Team works with the doctors of our residents to ensure everyone is talking to everyone and medications are monitored and managed to avoid any negative interactions and reactions. That’s the first clear demonstration of what “interconnected” neighborhood really means. The family members, the patients, the caregivers all understand the medicine regimen, the nutrition requirements, and the care needed to get the resident back to health as quickly as possible. Our goal is better, longlasting outcomes.

The third aspect of Norterre is found across Performance Park and in the 60 private apartments at The Laurel Assisted Living and Memory Care Residences.  Here, our community residents live a life of independence and security in a comfortable, beautifully adorned Household.  It starts with having no “reception area” but rather a formidable front door on every floor.  Why?  Because this is the home of some amazing individuals.  It’s their private residence, complete with a open and spacious living room where a baby grand piano lives for anyone to break out in concert mode.  As you move through the living room, our Household Model has multiple sitting areas where you can curl up with your favorite book or play a board game with your grandkids.  There’s an formal dining room, a family dining room, a sunroom, and a full service kitchen.  It’s literally just like a normal home — no institutional hallways, no nurse’s station.  It’s a home.  You ring a doorbell to get in.  And that’s why we look at The Laurel as simply a change of address.

And there’s Performance Park, a beautiful green space where the public can enjoy special events, a splashpad, music concerts from local bands, the celebration of community spirit, and the occasional outdoor movie. Surrounded by blooms, grass, ornamental trees, and fresh air, this is where we all come together as one community in one fully interconnected neighborhood.

So yes, the press has called Norterre a “gamechanger” and we welcome the label.  But, the truth is, we welcome the opportunity to serve the community of Liberty, Missouri, the Northland, and even all of Kansas City with a new way of looking at how we age in America.  Join us in our quest to make a difference.  Experience Norterre and tell others.  Join The Aurora and become part of this mission. Norterre offers a convergence of health, wellness, and residential living for all ages.

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