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At Norterre, we know there’s strength in numbers and that’s why we host so many Les Mills classes every week. All designed to get you motivated, feel productive, and give you more energy. Building strong lean muscles and a healthy heart is just the beginning – regular exercise offers a wealth of mental health benefits too. It’s been linked to everything from boosting brain power and helping control addiction to inspiring creativity and promoting happiness.

A study of 1.2 million U.S. adults showed that those who exercise for shorter sessions (around 45 minutes) enjoyed better mental health than those who sweat it out during marathon workouts. The research also showed that those who work out for three to five days a week had a bigger reduction in poor mental health days than those who didn’t exercise at all, or those who worked out more than five times a week. This led to the researchers recommending a sweet spot of between two and six hours of exercise a week.

Researchers also identified that some types of exercise are superior when it comes to providing mental health benefits. Team sports seem to be the winner, followed by cycle-based exercise and then aerobics based workouts at the gym. These top three suggest that, when it comes to mental health benefits, group based activities are preferable. Yoga-based exercise is also highly regarded as a great mood booster, and a recent study indicates that yoga, specifically the mindful breathing associated with it, can be used to ease the symptoms of depression.

What’s so great about The Aurora is that you have all three under one roof. Check out our class schedule and try one (or two or three) of our Les Mills classes. You’ll feel better, you’ll think clearer, and you’ll be on your way to living a healthier, happier life!

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