The Art of Norterre is more than just eye-candy. Art stirs something indescribable within us all. Scientifically proven to make a powerful contribution to the body’s healing process, viewing art reduces stress and enhances the lives of people of all ages. Norterre is home to over 1,100 pieces of hand-selected, curated art.  The collection of original paintings and sculptures is used as a tool used to engage the senses, create conversation, preserve area history and bring all generations together.

Pay special attention when you walk through The Aurora Health & Wellness Center.  A special commissioned art installation greets you in the welcome center and provides a feeling of relaxation and euphoria, the exact feeling we want to convey so that your workout is as productive as possible.  Walking towards the Bistro,  original paintings from Warhol, Salvador Dali, and Bansky are visible reminders that this is no ordinary gym.  Upstairs along the indoor walking/running track are countless originals that are designed to inspire and motivate as you enjoy your exercise in peaceful surroundings.  Downstairs hangs a majestic original sculpture installation that channels a beautiful sunrise or sunset in waves of color that float above the water and create an atmosphere unlike any indoor pool.

As you walk into The Estoria residential reception area on your way to the KidzAction Zone, you can enjoy additional paintings and sculptures.  Our favorite installation is the Art Wall in the kids play area where our youngest artists have created a magical wall of their own artistic endeavors.

Art has a way of bringing generations together.  Throughout the residences of The Laurel, art comes to life on the walls of each distinct floor, creating a unique personality for each floor.  Every floor has a baby grand piano, and if you are fortunate enough to come when one our residents is playing, you will marvel in joy of being surrounded by the beauty of art and the feeling of home.

For a personal tour of Norterre, please reach out to us.  We love to have the chance to showcase our community and share the artful design that makes Norterre one-of-a-kind.  This is not ordinary senior living. Schedule your personal tour and experience Norterre for yourself!

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